Photo 3

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A whole new day.

So as one door closes another one opens. I have been playing with some new art tools. While it is different from my previous work, I do enjoy it. I hope you do too.

Many of these pictures started out with using a photo as a starting reference, then created the image with brushes. Hopefully I caught the essence of it.

The Dark Forest

I wanted to make a forest with a creepy feel to it

Winter Cabin

As winter approaches, I wanted to get the feel of the season.

pop pinup

Kind of reminescent of Andy Warhol's work

On the River Bank

 offset two point vanishing point perspective



Light Study

Working with light and shadow. Built with brushes in pixlr x free online editor. ( )

Winter wonderland

an exploration of new tool utilities

Railroad tracks to nowhere

 Single vanishing point perspective

light study 2

 I really like the rugged way that this turned out