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Mixed media artwork

I work with a lot of different applications and am always experimenting. To see the full sized image just click on the thumbnail. 

The Bride


A moment in time

Voyages III

Bad Dream

Jungle Dance

Jelly Button

Chess Anyone?

Glory of Rome


Not Too Fast But Reliable


Gazing Into Eternity

Goddess of the North

An Idle Mind

Winter Dream

Into the Badlands

Celebor the White

Eat your Heart Out

Eye of the Storm

Kondu Kass

Last Warlord

Amberlaen III


A world Under Glass

The White Queen


Darkness Falls

The Guardian

White Priestess

Just a Kiss

In a Magical Light

Thalion and Victoria

Star Gate

Lord Kraken

The Hunted

Merry Christmas

Horror Movie Madness