Recommendations and resources

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Recourses for Poser

Listed here are a sites that can greatly help you in the art field. They have a lot of great people who are willing to help you out. 

3D Art Sites

A massive site full of recources for poser, photoshop and a host of other programs. 

If you are looking for a job in the art industry this is the place to go. 

A great place to find help and bits to make your work better

the creators of ZBrush

Temporarily off line but they are working on it.

Daz is one of the leaders in the field. Their unimesh figures have become a staple in the industry.

Click above for my freebees

Just a few of the items I had before but it is a start.

So, I am working on a couple of other projects at the moment. I am working with a company called Tier 1 Publications which produces web comics, and electronically publishes books for a variety of authors. Soon, with my involvement, they will be expanding into the video game market as well. Keep reading my blog for updates.